Get Immediate Free Access to Our Step-By-Step Property Management Mini-Course. This 7-Day video training series covers all of the fundamental information you need to know first to begin successfully managing rental properties.

  • Grow your portfolio in less time
  • Increase your revenue sources
  • Complete Step-by-Step System

Rental Property Owner

Most people get started in real estate with the idea of building an investment or income portfolio that gives them more time to do what they enjoy. Too many landlords start off with good intentions, then get tangled up in bad situations caused by poor management techniques.

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Real Estate Agent

Earn residual income without the hassles of managing rental properties. Our system automates the process and easily eliminates most issues. Rent Like A Pro is ideal for any real estate agent who’s looking to attract investment buyers, build a residual income, or increase their own investment income.

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Property Managers

With volume, property management companies benefit from our video training, forms, and management systems more than anyone else. We show you and your staff how to increase revenue and efficiency, do more with less and eliminate most problems ahead of time.

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Your book on fees paid for itself

fee-bible Your book on fees paid for itself on the second page. My tenants like the Payday Payment Plan, and I was able to increase my monthly cash flow immediately.

It is great

A total step-by-step property management system. It is great.
Jared D., Owner of rental property and manager of 120 doors

The tenant communication information is great for resolving issues

I manage 180 doors, and the tenant communication information is great for resolving issues. I have also increased the income on my portfolio with some of the additional "services" and by enforcing the lease properly with tenants. Thanks guys for all the help.
Sirianna B., Sub-contract property manager

I have used it over and over

I was in construction and I started managing rental properties for other people about a year ago. This program has made all the difference. I have used it over and over. The revenue sources are awesome! The forms and materials are great. Being able to access this type of information as a beginner is a life save when building my business. I highly recommend the Rent LIke A Pro program to anyone interested in real estate investing, and property management.
James W., Owner of West Property Management, LLC

Our service is actually better

I went from 80 units per FTE to about 150, and unlike some companies our service is actually better.
M. Andrus, PM company owner with 430 doors

The insider tips have been very helpful

I have 2 four-plexes I own and manage. Now, I am managing a few homes for clients. Your forms have been great, and the training is priceless. The insider tips have been very helpful, as I use your stories to build my own experience. I was previously nervous about managing for others, but now I am building a management portfolio by word-of-mouth with my clients and other agents. I can see where I will be able to expand my own portfolio in time and still maintain my current business. I really appreciate it.
Travis J., Real Estate Agent and Property Manager

This is perfect for our situation

I manage over 20 units for clients. I had my assistant go through your program.  Now she does 90% of the management stuff, and I focus more on buyers and sellers.
Brett F., Independent Broker

Everything I needed in one place

Everything I needed in one place . . . I really appreciate it.
Janet S. Agent with investment properties

Keep it coming

My management portfolio saved me during the last market downturn. I am easily able to manage more properties and still focus on sales with your program. I have automated everything you recommend and added more revenue sources.
Jennifer M., Century 21 Agent

I really appreciate the help

I was so sick of dealing with the tenants. I don't hate my cell phone and enjoy my Saturdays more.
Doug R., Four-Plex Owner

The turnover program is WONDERFUL

You guys make it sound so easy, and I realized it can be, but I was making it so difficult.
Karyn S., Duplex Owner from Coos Bay, OR

Thanks for the training

I continue to use your information for different situations, and I haven't even watched all the videos yet. I have watched a couple 2 or 3 times. Great program. I really appreciate it.
Joseph B., New Investor

I really appreciate your help

Your utility processing idea saves me over $800 a month.
Shawna P., Owner and Manager of 11 rental properties

Thanks a ton, guys!

I had a tenant refusing to pay rent, misquoting state laws, and threatening a lawsuit over a dishwasher repair. I used a response email from you guys that changed the communication. Rent was paid, and tenant is in line.
Marissa H., Second Home Owner from Chandler, AZ

RLAP is Amazing!

The RLAP system has made and saved me so much money! I no longer deal with difficult tenants, and I hardly have to evict someone. Clint and the Rent Like A Pro team walked me through step by step the life of a tenant. They gave me forms and documents to help me, too! This program paid for itself in no time.
Becky from Georgia