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10 Reasons Why Landlords Should Not Feel Guilty About Evictions

10 Reasons Why Landlords Should Not Feel Guilty About EvictionsLandlords are often asked how they can put another human being out on the street, and still feel good about themselves, and their ethics. The following reasons should help those who aren’t in the rental business understand it isn’t about ethics, it’s about running a business.

  1. We always try to start evictions immediately, if the tenants need extra time, the court will give it to them.
  2. We don’t make a profit with evictions. We only cut our losses.
  3. We have already supplied the needy tenant with free housing. We have done our charity work.
  4. If the tenant doesn’t have a friend, or relative to help him out, that says a lot about the tenant’s character.
  5. If people ask us how we could put someone out on the street, we tell them to pay their rent and then we won’t have to.
  6. The tenant has illegally kept possession of our home and is stealing from us. He has stolen our home, our utilities, our hard earned investment and our services. The tenant is a thief.
  7. Letting a tenant stay in our house without paying rent is like giving them our charge card and telling them, to spend away.
  8. We don’t like to work for free!
  9. If we want to provide free rent, we will, it’s only money right?
  10. Some tenant’s live better lifestyles than their landlords. Our tenant is taking money that stops us from providing for our family needs.



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