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3 Ways to Prevent Rental Fraud

During your time as a landlord, you might run into scammers. Specifically, you may find people who steal your ad and put themselves as the contact, or scammers may steal your ad and advertise your property for much lower than actually priced. It’s important to avoid these situations as much as possible to not only protect your units, but to protect your potential tenants, as well.


Here are 3 ways to prevent rental fraud:

  1. Enable Google Alerts
    If you manage a lot of properties, this could be daunting to do, but it is worthwhile. Fill out the alert form and anytime your address is posted somewhere online, Google will send it to you in a digest. It lets you know where your units are being advertised and can also see if it’s being posted on an unauthorized website.
  2. Set up secure direct feeds with your listing services
    Don’t use a middleman service to get information about your leads and/or ads. Most direct feeds include:

    • Auto daily updates
    • Company Name
    • Photos
    • Lead form
    • Profile creating and more
  3. Watermark photos
    Don’t just put your company’s name in a corner of the picture. That can often times be cropped out or photoshoped out. A watermark will protect your photos from being stolen. You’ll want to do an angled water mark on each photo. Make sure the watermark doesn’t take away from the photo, and that it’s not easy to remove. Doing so, protects your images. You don’t have to have amazing software to do this. You can do it in Paint and PowerPoint easily.

Protecting your ads online isn’t difficult. Just make sure you’re making smart decisions and using reliable resources when posting online.


  • Santosh says:

    Yes, the landlord can hold you to the oriaingl rental agreement as long as he is the owner of the house. I know it’s tough, but you should stay as long as you can. Make sure you give the correct notice to the landlord that you will be moving out the first day the lease expires. Then about two months prior, start looking for a new place. You should be able to sign an agreement one month early for a move-in date of July 1. So really, you just have to wait until 1 April to start looking and planning your next move. If necessary, try to find an apartment in the area so your kids can stay at their school. Hang in there! The banks take lots of time to go through all their paperwork, so you should be okay.

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