Why We’re in Business

One of the most important questions we ask ourselves is, “Why are we in business?”

We didn’t just pose the question to ourselves as owners of the business; we’ve sat in team meetings and answered the question collectively. Additionally, we didn’t just answer the question once; we continue to have very deep meaningful discussions about our purpose for being in business.

Our purpose and our customers’ needs are always being evaluated and advanced. This is a list that grows, shifts, and evolves with our business.

We narrowed it down to 6 key purposes that drive us in our work.

Here’s why we’re in business:

  • To be the #1 resource in the world for the best, most useful information, training, and resources for successful income property management
  • To help our clients become truly INDEPENDENT with their time AND money
  • To eliminate the horror stories and unnecessary complications some people experience when managing rental properties
  • To provide the best tools, training, and experience being used by professional property managers to everyone who is willing to learn and follow a step-by-step system
  • To provide the ongoing support structure necessary to help our clients achieve the success they desire
  • To do our part in making a positive difference in the world

These are the answers that our team contributed. These are the discussions we continue having.