This is Your Rental Property on Drugs . . .

Landlords and property owners have some degree of legal responsibility to protect tenants and neighbors from illegal activities, which may be taking place on their property. These illegal activities include criminal acts and drug dealing. According to NOLO Law for all, landlords and rental property owners are being sued (with increasing frequency) by people who […]

[VIDEO] This Landlord Made a Successful Career Change Into the Property Management Industry

Jim was able to make a career change into the property management industry comfortably and confidently while maintaining a stable income for his family. He turned his “nightmare” investment properties into a professional business and began managing for others. Through the Rent Like a Pro System he grew from two units to over 30 in […]

[VIDEO] The Path of Money Explained

For many people income comes from two sources, work income and assets. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, by Gary Keller, does a great job in breaking down the steps so investors can begin their path to financial freedom.  By controlling both work income and assets in their favor, an investor can begin generating positive cash […]