Benefits of Using a Lockbox

There are many benefits to using a lockbox on your vacant properties. It saves time, money, and makes it easy to coordinate vendors. Here is an image of the lockbox we like to use. We use a very simple lockbox to limit the amount of confusion from prospective tenants. One combination will allow the lockbox to […]

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Pre-Screening Questions To Ask

Screening is what separates the good tenants from the bad ones and on-time payments from evictions. When talking to potential tenants about your vacant properties, it’s a good idea to ask some pre-screening questions to see how much they know about the property. Asking these questions can help save time and eliminate the tenants who […]

Normal Wear & Tear Vs. Damage

Landlords in every state may collect a security deposit from new tenants, but all states require that every security deposit is refundable at the end of the tenancy, if the property is in the condition it was at move-in, minus “normal wear and tear”. Put another way, you may only apply the security deposit for “damage” […]