Can a landlord kick a tenant out prematurely?

Can a landlord kick a tenant out prematurelyIf you or a family member has ever been asked to move out unexpectedly, you may be wondering if there are laws against this action and why you were the one selected.

The truth is, you may never know why your landlord chose your family as the one to go — and it won’t do you much good to know, unless her reason was based on discriminatory reasons such as your race, ethnicity, or religion. In that case, kicking you out would have been illegal.

According to Marcia Stewart and NOLO Law for All, If there’s no evidence of such discrimination or retaliation, your rights depend on the type of rental you have. If your lease is on a month to month basis, your landlord may ask you to move, for any reason, as long as she gives you the required amount of notice — 30 days in most states.

If you have a fixed-term lease, the landlord must honor the lease for the length of the lease term, but can refuse to renew it when it expires, which will mean you have to leave at that time.

By planning ahead, and understanding the terms of your lease, you can protect yourself and your family from being kicked out prematurely and finding yourselves homeless.

credit: Marcia Stewart NOLO Law for All

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