[Part 3 of 4] Can landlords face legal trouble for tenants that deal drugs while on the rental property?

Can landlords face legal trouble tenants that deal drugsYes. If a landlord rents to a person that deals drugs out of their rental property, the landlord may face one or more of the following kinds of practical and legal problems:

  • The landlord may face fines stemming from various federal, state, city or local laws that are designed to prevent landlords from having criminal activity take place in their rental properties.
  • Any person that is injured or otherwise bothered by drug dealers in a landlord’s rental properties – be it another tenant or someone in the community -may sue the landlord, claiming that the rental property has become a public nuisance or poses a danger to the community.
  • The police or other law enforcement officers may try to impose criminal liability on the landlord if the landlord knowingly allowed drug dealing on the rental property.
  • In extreme cases, the government may seize the landlord’s rental property and other assets.
  • Finally, as a practical manner, drug dealing in or around the rental property will most likely decrease the value of the property, making it harder to find good tenants.

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