How you can properly screen tenants and avoid nightmare situations.

How you can properly screen tenants and avoid nightmare situations.

Tenant screening is one of the most critical aspects of being a landlord. Get it right and you’ll have more time, make more money, and your properties will be better taken care of. Get it wrong and you’ll have just the opposite. Less time, less money and poorly maintained properties. Many landlords choose to get out of […]

How to use video tours to market your rental property

Reduce vacancy and wasted time with video tours: Showing properties can be a hassle. First you have to drive to the property, taking time away from work or other planned activities. Then you have to wait, because people like to show up late. Others don’t show up at all. Only a percentage of the people […]

How to handle maintenance requests from tenants

Maintenance requests are a regular part of owning or managing rental properties. Some maintenance requests are bogus… Some maintenance requests are legitimate… Some maintenance requests are cosmetic… Some maintenance requests can carry a significant amount of liability… Regardless, they should all be handled the same way. Watch how: 

Getting tenants to leave a property in good condition when moving out

Unfortunately, even good tenants will often neglect little things when moving out. Things like: Replacing burnt out light bulbs Cleaning ovens Etc. These little things are a pain because overall a property may look really good. You don’t want to absorb the costs… You don’t want to ignore it and let the new tenants deal with […]

Diagnosing Vacancies: What to do when your property isn’t renting

Vacancies are expensive! In fact, vacancies are one of the larges expenses that landlords need to consider when investing in real estate. For example, let’s say that a home rents for $1500/mo. That’s $50 per day of lost revenue! PLUS mortgage payments utilities lawn care miscellaneous maintenance etc. It can add up quickly! This video […]