City Cites Homeowner After Tenants Rent Room on Airbnb

city cites homeowner after tenants rent room on airbnb

NEW ORLEANS The message is becoming clear: Run an illegal short-term rental out of your home, and the City of New Orleans will try and shut it down. Many owners are hearing from the city about using the controversial website Airbnb for short-term rentals. The problem is, it’s not the owners renting the room – […]

Owning a Home vs. Investment Property

When looking at the history of the real estate housing market, it has shown to be a stable and reliable investment. Home prices have continued to rise year after year with no indication of a major housing bubble ready to pop. According to the Kazlac brothers, sales representatives for ROYAL LePAGE Realty, whether you invest […]

The Big Changes Coming to Water Heater Standards

Replacing an apartment water heater that is already a tight fit may pose a big challenge for properties starting next year. With the addition of more insulation, residential water heaters are expected to grow to meet National Appliance Energy Conservation Act of 1987 efficiency mandates that go into effect April 16, 2015. Water heater manufacturers […]