How much can my property rent for?

Setting the right rental rate is a critical step in the leasing process. On one hand, you want to set it as high as possible to maximize revenue… On the other hand, you don’t want the property to sit vacant… This short video gives some good tips on what (and what not) to base your rental rate […]

Don’t waste time showing vacant rental properties, video tours save landlords money

Want to lower your vacancy rate? Tired of taking time out of your day to show properties? Use video tours to weed out “tire-kickers” and attract pre-screened applicants. This short video shows some real-life numbers of when we started using video tours: To see all the case studies click here.

The Best Real Estate Investing Advice EVER!

Listen up! Want The Best Real Estate Investing Advice EVER! here is a great podcast, where Real Estate Management expert Clint Collins is interviewed by Joe Fairless. Listen Up Here #PropertyManagement #RentLAP #FREETraining #RentalManagement #RealEstateInvestment #incomeproperty #rentalproperty #JoeFairless http://joefairless.com/blog/podcast/jf296-how-to-manage-everything-from-a-single-family-home-to-hundreds-of-apartment-units/

Bad property management can sink your multi family investment property

A lot of investors really like multi-family properties. They can quickly add volume to a portfolio They can provide excellent cash flow You only have to maintain one roof, one lawn, etc. BUT You have to be willing to manage more tenants. That means: More marketing… More screening… More rent collection… More turnovers… The list goes on. […]