Top Ten Legal Mistakes Landlords Need to Avoid

Being a successful landlord requires lots of practical know-how, business sense and familiarity with the rental market. Federal and state laws closely regulate nearly every aspect of a rental business. Not knowing the rules can land you in lots of legal hot water.  According to Janet Portman, an attorney for NOLO:Law For All, there are […]

How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Violations Regarding Fair Housing

1. National Origin, Race or Color While it is unacceptable to use language that describes the housing, neighborhood or neighbors in a racial way or using ethnic terms, it is acceptable to use words such as “master bedroom”, “desirable neighborhood” and “exceptional find” in your advertising. These terms are factual without being influential as to […]

[VIDEO] Top 10 Fair Housing Mistakes

It’s Hip to be Fair Because April is Fair Housing Month, it is the perfect time to review the top 10 Fair Housing mistakes, which are commonly made by landlords and property management personnel. Discrimination means treating someone differently because of their membership in a protected class. There are seven protected classes defined by the […]