Are you performing regular property inspections?

Landlords are you performing regular property inspections

We know some landlords who skip doing regular property inspections. They think that they are time consuming, and a hassle to schedule, and believe that tenants will notify them if there are any problems that need addressed. The problem is, tenants don’t always report issues and take care of routine maintenance! In this short video we […]

Why good landlords don’t neglect cosmetic issues

When minor cosmetic issues come up with a rental property, some landlords simply choose to ignore them. They look at it this way: Cosmetic issues don’t cause any long term damage to the structure of the building They don’t affect a tenants safety Repairs don’t add enough value to the property to justify the cost […]

When tenants dispute move in conditions

Have you ever found yourself in the following situation? The tenant has just moved out You perform the walk-through inspection You find some minor damage and make the repairs You send the move out calculation and remaining deposit to the tenant The tenant disputes the calculation saying “that was there when I moved in!” You’re left […]

How to handle maintenance requests from tenants

Maintenance requests are a regular part of owning or managing rental properties. Some maintenance requests are bogus… Some maintenance requests are legitimate… Some maintenance requests are cosmetic… Some maintenance requests can carry a significant amount of liability… Regardless, they should all be handled the same way. Watch how: 

Getting tenants to leave a property in good condition when moving out

Unfortunately, even good tenants will often neglect little things when moving out. Things like: Replacing burnt out light bulbs Cleaning ovens Etc. These little things are a pain because overall a property may look really good. You don’t want to absorb the costs… You don’t want to ignore it and let the new tenants deal with […]

Rental Property Maintenance: Do it yourself? Or hire it out?

Maintenance is a big part of owning or managing rental properties. As maintenance items come up, you can either: Do the work yourself Hire someone to do the work for you What you should do depends a little bit on your situation… This short video goes over some things you should consider when deciding whether […]