The Best Real Estate Investing Advice EVER!

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How to protect your rental home from rain damage

too much rain

According to renters.net, rain damage is a common occurrence for homeowners and renters alike. It is up to the landlord to pay for any structural damage caused by rain, such as leaking roofs or foundation repairs. Because the renter will still be impacted by this damage, it is important for the landlords and renters to […]

Fighting Off Unwanted Pests This Winter

One of the things no property manager enjoys finding is a pest problem on the property. Pests cause problems.  In addition to being unsightly, pests can make living in a property uncomfortable, dangerous, or even deadly. To combat pest problems, many people often turn immediately to pesticides. Pesticides are intended to be toxic to pests. […]

The Big Changes Coming to Water Heater Standards

Replacing an apartment water heater that is already a tight fit may pose a big challenge for properties starting next year. With the addition of more insulation, residential water heaters are expected to grow to meet National Appliance Energy Conservation Act of 1987 efficiency mandates that go into effect April 16, 2015. Water heater manufacturers […]

The Right to Be Safe From Crime

Generally, the law requires a person to protect another person from crime if a “special relationship” exists between them.  In some states, a residential lease creates a special relationship between a property manager and a tenant.  A tenant has the right to know the property manager will keep them safe from criminals and criminal activity […]