Till Death Do Us Part

Most landlords probably take for granted their tenants will remain in the home for as long as they both agree to do so, but what happens when a tenant dies with no other tenants on the lease? The death of a tenant is the one thing neither the tenant nor the landlord has any control over […]

When May a Landlord Legally Enter an Occupied Rental Property?

rent like a pro-when can landlords enter unit

When is advance notice required? According to Marcia Stewart and NOLO Law for All, landlords may enter a rented premises only in the following circumstances: To make needed repairs, to show property to prospective tenants or purchasers and to determine whether repairs are necessary. Typically, a landlord may not enter just to check up on […]

[VIDEO] This Landlord Made a Successful Career Change Into the Property Management Industry

Jim was able to make a career change into the property management industry comfortably and confidently while maintaining a stable income for his family. He turned his “nightmare” investment properties into a professional business and began managing for others. Through the Rent Like a Pro System he grew from two units to over 30 in […]

The Fee Bible: A Detailed Guide to Property Management and Landlord Fees

The Fee Bible

Many landlords find themselves playing a professionals game, on a hobbyist’s time and budget. The Fee Bible is a detailed guide to helping landlords provide additional services and conveniences that will help them manage their properties more efficiently. It also includes penalties for tenants that may create bad situations, which take up landlord’s time and […]