How to set a rental price for a house

Move-out checklist for tenant cleaning

In this video you’ll learn an important tip that will help you determine how to price your rental properties. You don’t want to set your price too high, or it will sit vacant. Too low and you miss out on potential revenue. Another common mistake people make is not properly comparing their rental to similar […]

[Pro Tip] Tenant Screening: Neglecting details on the application

Tenant Screening Neglecting details on the application

As a landlord, there are times you may be tempted to skip over or neglect a tenant’s application. It can be a hassle to track down an applicant for more information You feel desperate to get a place rented and want to begin the screening process You may think that a particular part of the application […]

Using video tours to advertise rental properties

Using video tours to advertise rental properties

Video tours are incredibly valuable when it comes to marketing your rental properties. They allow people who are moving from out of state to see the property. People can view the property before they are vacant. Shortens vacancy times. Provides a realistic view of the condition of the property. Saves you time by eliminating people who […]

The best way to show rental properties before they are vacant

The best way to show rental properties before they are vacant

Keeping vacancy rates low is critical to maintaining a strong positive income throughout the year. In order to do this, many landlords choose to show properties before tenants move out. The problem with this is: Current tenants can be annoyed The property may not show very well with current tenants living there Scheduling can become […]

Why good landlords don’t neglect cosmetic issues

When minor cosmetic issues come up with a rental property, some landlords simply choose to ignore them. They look at it this way: Cosmetic issues don’t cause any long term damage to the structure of the building They don’t affect a tenants safety Repairs don’t add enough value to the property to justify the cost […]