How come my property won’t rent?

Checklist for landlords when tenants move in

In this video we talk about a particular property we managed that wouldn’t rent. We also cover the unique change we made to get it rented within a week. This video proves that sometimes listening to feedback and thinking outside of the box is necessary:

Routine maintenance items that protect rental properties

Routine maintenance items that protect rental properties

Nobody wants to fork out thousands of dollars to make repairs on a rental property, especially if it could have been avoided! In this video we go over some preventative measures that help protect the property and save you money. We also give some helpful tips on maintenance related items you should include in your lease, things you should […]

Diagnosing Vacancies: What to do when your property isn’t renting

Vacancies are expensive! In fact, vacancies are one of the larges expenses that landlords need to consider when investing in real estate. For example, let’s say that a home rents for $1500/mo. That’s $50 per day of lost revenue! PLUS mortgage payments utilities lawn care miscellaneous maintenance etc. It can add up quickly! This video […]

City Cites Homeowner After Tenants Rent Room on Airbnb

city cites homeowner after tenants rent room on airbnb

NEW ORLEANS The message is becoming clear: Run an illegal short-term rental out of your home, and the City of New Orleans will try and shut it down. Many owners are hearing from the city about using the controversial website Airbnb for short-term rentals. The problem is, it’s not the owners renting the room – […]

Are Landlords Putting Tenants Lives at Risk?

It’s rather disturbing to hear stories about Landlords putting their tenants’ lives at risk. Not only does it involve liability and safety issues, it also involves legislation and regulatory authority’s procedures and systems. This leaves us wondering how often does this happen and could it be avoided? According to an interview by Real Estate Dynamic, […]