Collecting rent payments

collecting rent payments

A steady and consistent rent check is every landlords dream! Unfortunately, many landlords let rent collection become a nuisance. This video provides some valuable tips and best practices that will make collecting rent easy. You’ll learn: The terms of payment What forms of payment you should accept How to collect payments More!

Handling utilities before a tenant moves in

Handling utilities before a tenant moves in

Before you give a tenant keys to move in, it is good practice to make sure that all the preliminary steps have been taken: Application completed and approved Lease signed Deposit and first month’s rent collected Utilities transferred into their name Etc. In this short video, we share a hard lesson learned when we let […]

Dealing with tenant phone calls and emergency situations

Keeping your duties as a landlord separate from your personal life can be a challenge. When dealing with tenants, you’ll want to “wear the property manager hat” and keep things like your home address and phone number private. This short video explains what you can do to keep your phone number private, but still be accessible (when you […]

How to use video tours to market your rental property

Reduce vacancy and wasted time with video tours: Showing properties can be a hassle. First you have to drive to the property, taking time away from work or other planned activities. Then you have to wait, because people like to show up late. Others don’t show up at all. Only a percentage of the people […]

Getting tenants to leave a property in good condition when moving out

Unfortunately, even good tenants will often neglect little things when moving out. Things like: Replacing burnt out light bulbs Cleaning ovens Etc. These little things are a pain because overall a property may look really good. You don’t want to absorb the costs… You don’t want to ignore it and let the new tenants deal with […]