Rental Property Maintenance: Do it yourself? Or hire it out?

Maintenance is a big part of owning or managing rental properties. As maintenance items come up, you can either: Do the work yourself Hire someone to do the work for you What you should do depends a little bit on your situation… This short video goes over some things you should consider when deciding whether […]

How to market rental property vacancies

Rent your properties as quickly as possible, but only to qualified tenants. Doing this requires lots of exposure: More exposure means more applications… More applications will allow you to be more strict in your screening standards… Stricter screening standards lead to higher quality tenants… Higher quality tenants save you time, take better care of the […]

Property Management: Learn from our mistakes!

Been there done that In this short video, we talk about our experience buying our first investment property, as well as some of the “growing pains” we had getting to where we are today. This story, as well as all the other horror stories out there associated with property management, are the motivation for creating […]

How much can my property rent for?

Setting the right rental rate is a critical step in the leasing process. On one hand, you want to set it as high as possible to maximize revenue… On the other hand, you don’t want the property to sit vacant… This short video gives some good tips on what (and what not) to base your rental rate […]