Are Landlords Putting Tenants Lives at Risk?

It’s rather disturbing to hear stories about Landlords putting their tenants’ lives at risk. Not only does it involve liability and safety issues, it also involves legislation and regulatory authority’s procedures and systems. This leaves us wondering how often does this happen and could it be avoided? According to an interview by Real Estate Dynamic, […]

How to Avoid the 5 Most Common Violations Regarding Fair Housing

1. National Origin, Race or Color While it is unacceptable to use language that describes the housing, neighborhood or neighbors in a racial way or using ethnic terms, it is acceptable to use words such as “master bedroom”, “desirable neighborhood” and “exceptional find” in your advertising. These terms are factual without being influential as to […]

When May a Landlord Legally Enter an Occupied Rental Property?

rent like a pro-when can landlords enter unit

When is advance notice required? According to Marcia Stewart and NOLO Law for All, landlords may enter a rented premises only in the following circumstances: To make needed repairs, to show property to prospective tenants or purchasers and to determine whether repairs are necessary. Typically, a landlord may not enter just to check up on […]

The Fee Bible: A Detailed Guide to Property Management and Landlord Fees

The Fee Bible

Many landlords find themselves playing a professionals game, on a hobbyist’s time and budget. The Fee Bible is a detailed guide to helping landlords provide additional services and conveniences that will help them manage their properties more efficiently. It also includes penalties for tenants that may create bad situations, which take up landlord’s time and […]