How to use video tours to market your rental property

Reduce vacancy and wasted time with video tours: Showing properties can be a hassle. First you have to drive to the property, taking time away from work or other planned activities. Then you have to wait, because people like to show up late. Others don’t show up at all. Only a percentage of the people […]

How to handle maintenance requests from tenants

Maintenance requests are a regular part of owning or managing rental properties. Some maintenance requests are bogus… Some maintenance requests are legitimate… Some maintenance requests are cosmetic… Some maintenance requests can carry a significant amount of liability… Regardless, they should all be handled the same way. Watch how: 

How to market rental property vacancies

Rent your properties as quickly as possible, but only to qualified tenants. Doing this requires lots of exposure: More exposure means more applications… More applications will allow you to be more strict in your screening standards… Stricter screening standards lead to higher quality tenants… Higher quality tenants save you time, take better care of the […]

Property Management: Learn from our mistakes!

Been there done that In this short video, we talk about our experience buying our first investment property, as well as some of the “growing pains” we had getting to where we are today. This story, as well as all the other horror stories out there associated with property management, are the motivation for creating […]

Don’t waste time showing vacant rental properties, video tours save landlords money

Want to lower your vacancy rate? Tired of taking time out of your day to show properties? Use video tours to weed out “tire-kickers” and attract pre-screened applicants. This short video shows some real-life numbers of when we started using video tours: To see all the case studies click here.

The Best Real Estate Investing Advice EVER!

Listen up! Want The Best Real Estate Investing Advice EVER! here is a great podcast, where Real Estate Management expert Clint Collins is interviewed by Joe Fairless. Listen Up Here #PropertyManagement #RentLAP #FREETraining #RentalManagement #RealEstateInvestment #incomeproperty #rentalproperty #JoeFairless http://joefairless.com/blog/podcast/jf296-how-to-manage-everything-from-a-single-family-home-to-hundreds-of-apartment-units/