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Collecting money after a tenant moves out

At some point during your career as a landlord, you are going to have a tenant who exceeds their deposit.

If you let it, collecting money after a tenant moves out can be a real chore!

This video talks about what we do when a tenant still owes money. Take a look:


  • Yuli says:

    Years ago we had that happen,Maybe thgins have changed but some real estate agents gave no wanring and would go tramping thru one day i took daughter to school literally 4 blocks away they came thru and left by time i got back.Left their card.Drove me nuts people coming thru.Usually they do want to keep the tenats it shows it has good standing and will be able to be rented .(but they may raise rent).have they not just done a video camera visual thing people can look at it online first instead of everyone tramping thru it?I would inssists to be there because your belongings are there.good luck!

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