Emergency Calls Made Easy

An emergency repair is required when something in the rental unit has broken and the health or safety of the tenant is in danger, or the building or property is at risk until repairs can be made. Good landlords have an emergency plan in place long before a rental agreement is signed. Generally, the tenant is given an emergency phone number to use if needed, along with a detailed list of what is and isn’t considered an emergency.  Many landlords outsource emergency situations to companies  like Night Tenders, who take care of the emergency repairs for them, and are available 24/7. Outsourcing allows landlords to enjoy nights, weekends, and vacations, with the peace of mind that their properties, and tenants, are being taken care of while they are “off the clock”.

The following chart can help tenants gauge whether or not a repair is truly an emergency.

Emergency RepairsNon-Emergency Repairs
Broken pipe(s) are flooding the premises.An interior door doesn’t close properly.
The heating system is not functioning when it is cold outside.The kitchen sink has a slow drain.
The sewage system is backing up into the premises.There is a minor leak in the roof.
A short circuit in the wiring is creating a risk of fire and/or electrocution.There is a minor leak or dripping in household plumbing.
The refrigerator supplied by the landlord is not working.A garage door opener is not working, but manual access is still available.
A natural gas leak.There is a cracked outer pane in an upper

Attention to emergency situations and general maintenance are the landlord’s responsibility. Emergency repairs need immediate attention.  Minor repairs, or inconveniences, can wait until regular business hours. Tenants should not become involved in fixing minor repairs because they consider them an emergency. Check out these sample emergency criteria provided by Night Tenders:

Example Criteria for Night Tenders

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