Free property management software – it’s coming and it’s glorious!

Obviously we are huge advocates of using software to manage your real estate portfolio. Nowadays there are a number of options, and many of them are free!

In this video we talk about:

  • Software vs portfolio size
  • What to look for when shopping software options
  • Community favorites
  • Where the future of property management software is headed

Watch the video below (this video is a clip of a recent webinar we offered on 1/19/16).


  • Andres Lopez says:

    hello,I am looking for property management software that i can use in my area -New England ,can u recommend any

    • Rent Like a Pro Team says:

      In general we don’t have any that we recommend. All of them for the most part are pretty good. We recommend checking the trials for each and finding one that fits your situation

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