How to make the move out process hassle free

If you’re not careful, the move out process can quickly consume your time and even become an area of dispute.

In most cases clear communication and documented expectations will fix your problems. In this video we share the story of a time we got taken to court. Because of the documentation and our move out packet, we were able to explain our side to the judge and quickly leave without paying a dime.

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  • Sanam says:

    Sounds like a small claims case. Contact your local court for a small fee they will splupy you with the necessary forms. You will need 1) list of items missing, damaged or destroyed 2) proof of ownership of these items (photographs will work), 3) proof of value of the items (receipts or catalog listings of similar items for the mount, you might need the statement of a taxidermist). YOu will need to be able to identify the landlord and provide an address for the court to serve him. It’s a fairly simple hearing with very relaxed rules of evidence. Your court clerk should also have a how to booklet for small claims court or their website may be able to answer your questions.Sued and won in small claims court and 8 years legal experience.

  • Elizabeth Jaramillo says:

    I am interested in a tenant’s move in- move out packet
    Move out packet with price list would be ideal
    How soon can I get it??

  • Ricardo says:

    If I just want to get the move out forms do I have to buy the membership??

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