How to process tenant applications and outsource tenant screening

Screening tenants is the most important thing a property manager can do!

Almost every problem that a landlord may have to deal with can be traced back to poor screening.

Good tenants pay on time, pay online, and take care of the property.

They are easy to manage and don’t violate the lease or cause other problems.

But placing good tenants can be tricky!

Most landlords know that screening is important, but they don’t know what criteria to use in their screening.

Often they’ll ask questions like this:

  • “Is credit score more important than monthly income?”
  • “Is payment history more important than eviction history?”
  • “What if they’ve had a bankruptcy?”
  • Etc.

The next several blog posts are going to focus entirely on tenant screening and will help you answer questions like these.

In this video we talk about what to include on a tenant application, and some good options to use if you are looking to outsource tenant screening. Take a look:

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