How to protect your rental home from rain damage

too much rainAccording to renters.net, rain damage is a common occurrence for homeowners and renters alike. It is up to the landlord to pay for any structural damage caused by rain, such as leaking roofs or foundation repairs. Because the renter will still be impacted by this damage, it is important for the landlords and renters to work together and do a bit of preparation during rainy seasons.

Rain Damage Prevention

Rain damage can occur due to a number of reasons. Faulty foundation and roofing damage are two of the most common reasons for rain damage. Inspect your rental property at least twice a year to see if there are any signs of cracks in or around the foundation. Get on your roof and check that your shingles or shakes are not damaged or missing. Even one missing shingle can cause a leak. It is better to repair minor damage to your roof or foundation now rather than letting it turn into a major problem. In addition to checking the condition of the roof and your foundation, you can also check to make sure your gutters are cleaned at least twice a year to reduce the drainage blockage, which is another common reason for rain damage. Make sure your drainage system is not blocked by overgrown bushes by keeping your yard maintained and your shrubs trimmed all year long.

If you do notice a storm coming or are in for heavy rainfall make sure all the doors and windows are shut tight to avoid rain coming into the home. If windows and doors let out a draft or have cracks in them, which is quite common for older homes, look for a draft stopper which can prevent water, wind and cold weather from coming in through the cracks. This is an easy way to prevent rain damage.

Renters Insurance Damage Protection

One of the best ways to protect your financial future from rain damage is to invest in adequate renters insurance. If your home is ever damaged due to heavy rain, ice or snow, then there is a good chance that your contents will be damaged as well. A leaking roof may damage your area rug while ruined foundation may result in mold, mildew and water buildup. You could be looking at damage to your carpet, furniture, wall and anything else that comes in contact with the water. Rain damage will often impact your basement where items are stored.

Landlords and renters working together, and taking the right precautions, can help keep homes safe and protected from rain damage.

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