How to use video tours to market your rental property

Reduce vacancy and wasted time with video tours:

Showing properties can be a hassle.

  1. First you have to drive to the property, taking time away from work or other planned activities.
  2. Then you have to wait, because people like to show up late.
  3. Others don’t show up at all.
  4. Only a percentage of the people who viewed the property will fill out an application.
  5. And only a percentage of them will be qualified.

Needless to say, it doesn’t take long before you’ve wasted hours of your day.

Watch this video and learn how video tours can give you back your time, while reducing vacancy.

Click here to view sample video tours

Video Tour Opening Script
“Hi this is (state name or company) and we’re here at (state address). I’ll give you a quick view of the neighborhood (turn slowly to show them the homes surroundings) and now I’ll take you in! This home features… (go throughout the home showing and talking about the features).”

Video Tour Closing Script
“That concludes this video tour, if you have any questions about the property give us a call at (state phone number) or visit our website at (state website address). This is (state name or company name) and thanks for watching!”

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