Here are just some of the current lesson titles. Each lesson comes with a video, forms, and how-to instructions

1: Property Management 101

2: Protecting Your Investment

3: Taxes

4: Fair Housing

5:  Record Keeping and Documentation

6:  State Specific Landlord Regulations

7:  Marketing Vacancies

8:  Price, Presentation and Promotion

9:  Video Tours/ Inspection Program

10:  YouTube for Property Managers

11:  Show Properties Without The Hassle

12:  Tenant Screening Program

13:  What To Look For On A Credit Report

14:  Rent & Deposits

15:  Collecting Payments

16:  Making Money Like A Pro

17:  Move In Conditions

18:  Lease Signing Packet and Video

19:  Managing The Tenant Relationship

20:  What To Do About Late Fees

21:  Lease Renewals and Increasing Rent

22:  Regular Property Inspections

23:  Emergency Calls and Situations

24:  Routine Maintenance That Pays

25:  Maintenance Requests

26:  Maintenance: Do It Or Hire It Out

27:  Move Out Packet for Tenants

28:  Move Out Inspections and Turnover

29:  Processing The Security Deposit

30:  Eviction and Collection Process

With Rent Like A Pro’s step-by-step online learning system, you will learn:

  • How to increase cash flow
  • How to avoid evictions
  • How to handle evictions
  • How to screen tenants the right way
  • How to avoid Fair Housing lawsuits
  • How to effectively get a lease renewal
  • And much much more!

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