Maintenance Requests: How to reduce tenant complaints and decrease liability

When it comes to maintenance requests, many landlords simply take a phone call, listen to the request and then line up any necessary work. Although this method may seem like a naturally easy way to handle maintenance requests, it also can lead to problems.

In this video we talk about the right way to handle maintenance requests, that lead to less frivolous calls, and a reduction in liability.


  • Susan says:

    This is an ongoing issues with our tenants! I love the email idea but what do you if your tenants don’t have email or refuse to send their requets in writing? I even have tenants that won’t speak with me (property manager) because they don’t pay their rent to me, so they don’t have to talk to me! I am so frustrated!

    • Rent Like a Pro Team says:

      This should be built into the lease. Require it in writing and then enforce it. Tenants need to adapt to your policies, not the other way around.

  • Anselm says:

    I have a two flat in South Chicago. Apt 1 called to say the front door (common area) to enter the building is broken and won’t shut properly. Apt 2 is now saying it’s been like that for a few days. My issue is that I don’t know who is responsible and I’m now stuck with the bill. Any idea or solutions I can implement to address this? Much appreciated.

    • Rent Like a Pro Team says:

      Without documentation there isn’t much you can do. If you were to charge it to a tenant you would need to have documented proof.

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