Noise in an Apartment Complex

noiseIn an apartment complex, individuals are entitled to peaceful and quiet enjoyment of their home. Landlords should be aware of the rental apartment noise nuisance laws, which are in place to control noise. This will help determine what is within acceptable limits and what levels are considered excessive. Sharing this information with tenants, will help the property to not to be pegged as a nuisance property.

  • Excessive Noise-Excessive noise can impact people’s health and well-being. Each state takes responsibility to protect its citizens against excessive noise by implementing laws and regulations on the control, prevention and abatement of noise. The goal of the state and local governments is to prohibit unnecessary, annoying, intrusive or dangerous noise. These ordinances cover residential areas, including apartment complexes.
  • City Ordinances-Because each community can set its own noise ordinances, there is no single uniform set of laws for the entire state. City ordinances try to control the type of noise, duration, frequency and loudness. For apartments, city ordinances often restrict loud sounds that can be heard through common walls, ceilings or floors.
  • Violations– Residents who violate a city’s noise ordinances may be found guilty of infractions or misdemeanors. Your landlord is required to do his best to ensure that all tenants can enjoy their apartments in peace and quiet. Landlords must work with local authorities to enforce noise ordinances in their apartment complex.

The lease agreement should include specifics on noise restrictions for the apartment complex. If there is a complaint about noise nuisance the police will most likely be involved they will measure decibels and determine if the noise is indeed violating the city ordinance. If the tenant is in violation a citat

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  • Marianne dormady says:

    How do i lower the sounds of the floor crackling when I walk I don’t walk heavy or if I drop something please cal me 705 493 2797

    • Rent Like a Pro Team says:

      This is a maintenance issue that may or may not be fixable, check with a handyman or local contractor

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