[PART 2] Screening tenants: How to verify income and other items on a tenant application

This post is part two in a series dedicated to tenant screening.

Last week we talked about how to score a sample credit report, this week we are going to talk about verification.

This is an important step in the approval process, because it proves that the information they put on the application is accurate.

When tenants falsify information on the application the effectiveness of your screening is reduced and the chances of placing a bad tenant increase.

What to verify:

  • Income
  • Eviction history
  • Collections
  • Identification
  • More…

Unfortunately Verification can be a time consuming process.

In this video we not only talk about WHAT to verify, but also HOW to verify it. When you follow the tips in this video, verification becomes a simple task that will take very little of your time. Take a look:

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