[PART 4] Tenant screening: How to adjust your tenant screening process and eliminate evictions

This week we are wrapping up our series on tenant screening!

If you missed any of the previous videos you can find them here:

  1. How to read a sample credit report and fill out an application scoring sheet
  2. What to verify on a tenant application
  3. Knowing when to approve or deny a rental applicant

Because every real estate market is different, the screening process and approval criteria is going to vary a little bit for each landlord. That means that over time you will need to make adjustments to your screening process to reduce evictions.

Surprisingly, many landlords we talk to have never reviewed or made an adjustment to their screening process!

Watch the video below and learn how to refine your screening and consistently place quality tenants:


  • ROBERT PINE says:

    Hello in was wondering some thing about after you have gotten the 1st and last month rental payment.
    So here is what I’m not to sure about . now say you renter desires to use there last month payment to pay u for the month. Does that or is that your sign or your warning or what ever that you and give them walking papers for that last month they are in your property. If so what can or what should you do if they won’t move out after that month is over . and they arguee that they still have a month to move even though you gave them there last month sense they told u they where and want to use there last month payment they already gave you in the beginning. Is this a reason you can evict them. Also what could or should been done if they try to be like a squatter after that and try to stay for say another month or clam they have contacted the courts ( for what ever reason they try to tell you. Just so they can try to stretch out there time in your property. ) to where they try to get away with that thing of staying in your rental property for an extra month to 3 month with out having to pay those month of rent and causing you to lose months of rental income and your not able to show ur property to a potential new renter.
    This has turned in to a nitemare for me right now at this time.
    I really could use your advice because I’m a complete newbie with this hole thing and I thank GOD you guy have your free landlord course for being a better landlord . ( which I will be purchasing your hole course here soon . after I’m able to get new renter in my property.) Which I wish I had search for this kind of info before these problems had occurred for me. Which I have now learned by my mistake . of what not to do.
    But if you could give me some of your opinion or tip. & or help with my predicament I would very much appreciate it dèeply. Im imbarised just becuse I am and had to write to you just to ask for ur advice on this. But like u have said this is a business and that’s my priority to run it like a business. One last question I was also kind of wonderinf is where can I go online to pull a renters TRW to help out with residing on renting to a person or not renting to a person.

    • Rent Like a Pro Team says:

      The easiest way to evict someone is for non payment of rent. If they have finished their lease, put a new agreement together or give them notice to vacate. If they don’t leave then charge them rent and if they don’t pay you can move forward with an eviction. We always collect a security deposit that is held and used for damages after they vacate, and not to be used as a “last month’s rent”. Meaning, they have to pay for their last month as they would any other month. Then after they move out if the property is left in good condition they can get their security deposit back. Hope that helps.

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