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Pre-Screening Questions To Ask

Screening is what separates the good tenants from the bad ones and on-time payments from evictions. When talking to potential tenants about your vacant properties, it’s a good idea to ask some pre-screening questions to see how much they know about the property. Asking these questions can help save time and eliminate the tenants who aren’t interested, therefore not wasting your time with a showing.


Pre-Screening Questions To Ask:

  • How did you hear about the property?
  • Have you seen the pictures?
  • Are you aware of the rent price?
  • Are you willing to pay the deposit?
  • Have you seen the utilities that are available?
  • Are you aware of the main amenities (A/C, garage, etc.)? Are of these aforementioned amenities deal breakers?
  • Do you have Pets? (Pet policies)
  • Do you agree to the lease term length
  • Are you willing to fill out a background and credit check right away?

Asking pre-screening questions can really help you narrow down prospective tenants. Make sure you customize these questions for you and your properties needs. If you have any questions, throw them in the forum!


  • Aldi says:

    You should check your lease agrenmeet to see how the clause reads when the property is offered for sale and to be shown to prospective buyers. I would also suggest you contact your local tenant’s council about your rights in this case.The 24 48 hr showing notice is good, just remember to check your messages to make sure you get the notice. If you have a way to secure the entry door so that you can control access even if someone has a key. Then, when you are home, you can make sure you are not “surprised”. Real estate agents are known to run late or early for appointments.You may be able to refuse to allow a lockbox for access, and require to be present for all showings. But, that is truly a hassle for you if it’s a popular property.If the apartments are very similar in design, layout and condition, maybe the LL family will respect the tenants’ privacy and allow showing of only one unit until a contract is negotiated. In this case, the prospective buyer makes an offer contingent on inspection of all units. It’s a hassle for the owners and potential buyers, but it is not uncommon where I live.In situations where there is a written lease agrenmeet, usually the new owners are bound by the terms of the existing lease. You’ll want to check and make sure of the local regulations where you live. So, you and your neighbors shouldn’t have to worry about a rent increase during the term of your existing leases. I realize it is a hassle to have people walking around in your home, especially when you are not home. I believe you can require that the real estate agent leave a business card to show who was in the property. The vast majority of the visitors will be interested buyers, so it might help to consider that your new LL is taking a look around and checking out his/her new “tenants”. Still, you may want to take some security precautions. If you are a single female you might want to downplay that aspect. I have known some women who have bought men’s clothes, shoes and toiletries at 2nd hand stores to make it look like they are not alone. Buy a BIG pair of shoes. :)I would suggest that you remove personal photos, store your mail away, along with your prescription medications and personal valuables. Remember, buyers will probably open cabinets (including bathroom medicine cabinets) and closets to see the condition of the property (not to snoop), but should NOT open dresser or desk drawers or items such as shoe boxes, etc. So, you may want to stash your personal property inside your “personal property” (desks, dressers, etc.) Also, I have never seen a prospective buyer look under a bed. Just some thoughts on protecting your privacy.If you have pets, remember to make the real estate agent aware of them and have a plan to keep your pets safe and calm during showings.I would imagine that any buyer would want to keep existing tenants in place so they can have immediate cash flow.Maybe the property will sell quickly and you will find yourself with a wonderful new LL soon.Good Luck.

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