Protecting Tenants from an Objectionable Property Manager

bad landlordRental property owners should be particularly careful when hiring a property manager because it is this person who will be interacting with all tenants, and has access to all master keys. A tenant who gets hurt or has property stolen or damaged by a manager, could sue the property owner for failing to screen or supervise the manager properly.

The following is a list of ideas complied from NOLO Law for All to help owners avoid risky situations.

  1. Scrupulously check a property manager’s background to the fullest extent allowed by law.
  2. Closely supervise the manager’s job performance, if needed.
  3. If tenants complain about illegal acts by a property manager, pay attention, and follow through with the complaint.
  4. Property owners should make sure their insurance policy covers illegal acts performed by their employee’s.

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