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Quarterly Maintenance Can Save You Thousands of Dollars


Smart landlords know how to prevent big problems by staying on top of maintenance and keeping tenants responsible for the upkeep of the property, and it saves them thousands over the life of the property. The following is a checklist highlighting quarterly maintenance items for your rentals.

  1. The day before your inspection, review your property pictures that were taken prior to the renters’ move in inspection and their actual move in. Take note of what the property looked like before renting it out, including flaws. You may want to make yourself a sheet listing the things you are inspecting and giving you a place to document everything.
  2. Bring batteries for smoke detectors, some tools like screwdrivers, a step ladder, and a camera.
  3. Clean the gutters.
  4. Check all the light fixtures to make sure that you don’t have any fan blades loose and that all the light fixtures are secure (This can also give you a good excuse to check all of the rooms for problems.).
  5. Change the furnace filter.
  6. Inspect the furnace, especially the exhaust pipe for rust or other problems that may cause it to leak carbon monoxide into the home.
  7. Test all smoke detectors.
  8. Check the proper function of the toilet, including toilet flappers, the rubber on fill valves, the seal around the toilet, and the joint where the tank bolts to the bowl for leaks.
  9. Check under all of the sinks for any leaks.
  10. When the weather is starting to get cold make sure there are no longer any hoses connected to the outside spigots and that the sprinklers are turned off and blown out.
  11. Check the dryer vent.
  12. Make sure that there is nothing within three feet of the water heater or furnace, especially if it is easily combustible.
  13. Ask the tenant if there is anything you may have missed that needs to be fixed.
  14. If there is anything that concerns you about the state of the rental or damage, take a picture and issue the tenant a lease violation with a time frame for them to get things resolved.


  • Nathalie says:

    When we first bought our house and befroe we had kids, we rented out one of our rooms. It was just like being in college again and all sharing a house. It was me, my future husband and a good friend of ours though. I’d have a hard time renting to a perfect stranger when there are no separate living spaces though. I’d be worried about my stuff getting stolen, etc. I did it and it works well if you can find someone you know and trust. Networking with friends/coworkers/family is the best way to find someone reliable.

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