[PART 1] Screening Tenants: How to score a sample credit report

Our focus lately has been on tenant screening, a VERY important topic!

Last week we talked about outsourcing your tenant screening…

And this week we’re going to talk about doing it yourself.

There are pros and cons to doing it yourself, mainly:

  • You get access to the actual credit report and credit score
  • You can use your own screening criteria
  • Ability to get a complete picture on a prospective tenant instead of a simple “thumbs up or thumbs down”
  • Liability increases when handling sensitive information (without a tenant score card)

The video below is the first of a three part series that we will be running over the next few weeks. In this series we will walk you through the entire process of screening a tenant – how to read a sample credit report, fill out a tenant score card, red flags to watch out for, and approving or denying an applicant.

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