Tenant and Landlord Relationships

tenant and landlord relationshipTenants and Landlords are adversaries in many instances where there is a lack of respect by either one or both parties, and it often results in a tenant leaving the landlord stuck with unpaid rental fees and/or damaged rental property.

There are many tenants that do not respect landlords and there are many landlords that do not respect tenants. For example, when a tenant moves into a rental unit he/she can reasonably expect that it has been well maintained, clean and in working order.  Where this is not the case, the first thing that will happen is the tenant will complain and when action isn’t taken immediately to remedy the situation, respect will be lost.

As we know scenarios like this can be the start of problems that result in a messy outcome that often impacts the bottom line of a business and/or an unnecessary move for the tenant.

Both tenants and landlords have a responsibility to each other, and where respect is shown, business is much more satisfying and rewarding for both parties involved.

Unfortunately, there are tenants and landlords that will never change their habits and will continue to take advantage of a situation whenever allowed.  Good landlords will look at ways of improving relationships with tenants and will do whatever is necessary to make the tenant comfortable and happy during the tenancy.

A couple of things can be utilized to make this easier.

  • Utilize tenant verification services and tenant screening to minimize mutual risks.
  • Prevent unnecessary tenancy problems by having criteria that must be met prior to a signing lease/tenancy agreement.

For most landlords this is just common sense, and aside from running a business, most landlords want hassle-free tenants because completing forms for late payments and evictions, as well as having verbal confrontations is not a pleasant task.


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