The Fee Bible: A Detailed Guide to Property Management and Landlord Fees

Many landlords find themselves playing a professionals game, on a hobbyist’s time and budget. The Fee Bible is a detailed guide to helping landlords provide additional services and conveniences that will help them manage their properties more efficiently. It also includes penalties for tenants that may create bad situations, which take up landlord’s time and money.

The Fee Bible includes ideas on how to:

  1. Double your investment income
  2. Get paid more and on time
  3. Eliminate emergency calls
  4. Reduce turnover
  5. Take control of your investments
  6. Have time to relax

There are 30+ years of property management experience packed into the pages, which contain super techniques and services used by top professionals.  Landlords can Increase their bottom line by taking advantage of over 27 different revenue sources found in this book.

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