The Future of Keyless Access For Property Management

keyless-entryRe-keying locks on your properties, after the tenant leaves, can get tedious and expensive, causing too many property managers to skip the re-keying process entirely, opening themselves up to an uncomfortable amount of liability.

In this article, we wanted to share an interview between Doorgrow and Prempoint. They discuss a comprehensive messaging, access control, and automation software that allows property managers to manage and grant access to their properties remotely.

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You’ll Learn…

[2:20] All about Matt Hartley’s background and his work with Prempoint
[4:40] The evolution of Prempoint as a company and their mission
[7:35] What Prempoint is and why you absolutely need it for your properties
[11:05] The interaction between tenants and Prempoint
[13:25] How affordable is Prempoint?
[16:00] Subscribing to Prempoint “points”
[18:15] Discussing security concerns with Prempoint
[22:25] How keyless access can build (or destroy) trust with your tenant
[26:35] Being software agnostic: Why Prempoint outdoes the Rently competition
[30:10] Software integrations
[31:45] Why Matt Hartley doesn’t worry about copycats
[34:20] Are you in danger of being automated out of your job?
[37:00] Understanding the devices and technology that Prempoint requires
[40:20] Does Prempoint replace Sentrilock for relators that double as property managers?
[44:35] Prempoint’s launch date for managers with 1000s of doors
[49:55] Benefits of keyless access for tenants
[57:10] More from Matt Hartley
[58:30] Connecting with the Home app on iPhone

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