Use an application scoring sheet to determine whether or not to approve tenants

Screening tenants is the most critical aspect of managing properties.

Good tenants will save you loads of time and money and take better care of your property.

It is always worth a little extra vacancy time to have a good tenant, rather than accepting a poor tenant to fill a property.

Fair housing dictates that all applicants are treated equally and held to the same screening standards.

You can’t “bend” your screening standards to accept an application you would otherwise deny. This will be considered discrimination and can lead to an expensive lawsuit.

In this video we discuss a form that we use with every single application that we get. It helps us assign a “score” to an application to help determine the level of risk associated with the applications. This form helps us consistently place qualified tenants, and avoid discrimination by standardizing the screening process.

Watch the video below or get a copy of the form by signing up for a free trial membership!


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