[VIDEO] What if the tenant does… (insert anything here)

Have you ever wondered what to do if the tenant violates their lease?

  • What if the tenant doesn’t pay their rent?
  • What if the tenant has unauthorized tenants move in with them?
  • What if the tenant brings pets in the home without permission?
  • Etc.

As a landlord, you know firsthand that this list goes on and on…

Every day brings something new.

And for the rookie landlords (and even some seasoned landlords) this can be very overwhelming.

However, the professionals understand and recognize that no matter what the issue is (non payment of rent, unauthorized pets, etc.) they are ALL violations of the lease.

When a tenant violates the lease, there is a process to follow (many states even outline this for you). If you follow the process you maintain legal control and are able to fix the problem quickly, and efficiently.

DON’T bother thinking of your own ways to correct a problem when there are legal guidelines already in place. When you do this, you can “muddy the waters” and make situations worse, lose legal ground and even possibly lose in a dispute.

Here’s a video that will help you handle these situations like a pro.

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