[VIDEO] Where can I find good landlord forms?

Landlord forms are an important part of the rental industry. Good, solid forms can protect both you and the tenants as well as the property.

Efficient forms and checklists are a critical part of running a lean and profitable property management business.

Watch this short video to learn more about forms, and click here to get started with our free results-driven property management training.


  • Jorge says:

    I have a colleague that fell in love with my duplex. I had it completely renovated due to water damage. The only issue i have is that she smokes, but not in her current apartment. Separated and going to get together again. He works in law enforcement. Don’t know if i should rent or not. The smoking is what holds me back and that she’s an educator and works at the same school. I went through the screening process with each of them. She’s the only one that smokes. I did hear you say that I can be very specific on the lease regarding smoking areas. ????

    • Rent Like a Pro Team says:

      Smokers are not a protected class so you can build that into your screening. The key is to screen everybody the same way so that you don’t violate any fair housing rules.

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